chenets au Bio-Ethanol luxe et design

 Chauffage d'appoint luxe et design


  • Are the logs real wood? And if they are, why don’t they burn ?
Yes indeed, they are real oak, elm or birch logs…
A worldwide patented procedure actually isolates the wood from the combustion units.
  • Can you put your own logs on it ?
Absolutely not! Ours are calibrated and secured onto the log holder in order to offer maximum security.
  • So, could I select my log, or logs ?
No reason why not as long as they are on display in our stores or showroom, and we have them in stock.
  • In your user recommendations, you say that you should never play with fire!  However, doesn’t the multiplication of ethanol fireplace manufacturers make this product more or less a gadget ?
Certainly not!  Trying it out is to be convinced; you will appreciate the renovation of your fireplace and the well-being provided by the flames.
  •  I am convinced of the benefits of your log carrying andirons!  However, I don’t understand the difference in price between one product and another?  I really can’t understand it.
We do not consider that there is any other product currently available that can compare with ours! Take a Logan and a Bentley Continental GT; they’d both get you to the same destination, but in totally different conditions in terms of comfort and driving desirability.  Judge for yourself! Personally I don’t have a Logan or a Bentley, but I do have two sets of ethanol burning andirons in my fireplaces, and I couldn’t be happier.
  • I’ve heard talk of steam and C02 ?
Indeed ! But the quantities are negligible in comparison to some other forms of heating.
  • Must ventilation be ensured in the room where I’m using my andirons, even if they are placed in a fireplace ?
 Absolutely! Circulation of air is essential– another reason why the original draft mechanism should never be closed.
  • My name is Loic Raout, I live in Southampton (a large suburb of New York) ! Could you deliver to me ?  I love it !
 Just give us your address ! UPS will get it to you in just 3 days !
  •  I have a superb set of bronze andirons from my parents ! Could you adapt them to your system ?
Our workshop will work wonders in order to perfect the transformation of your old andirons or other objects.